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About Us

Who is the Feel Good Store?Leon and Cat

Meet Leon and Cat

We’re a small family-oriented business. An Aussie couple with a mission to share what we know works and help you avoid what doesn’t.

We know you don’t buy health and wellness technology often, so when you do, you want to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

We’re happy to help you with any questions you have, call or email us for advice on any of our products and services. 

The doctors couldn’t give him a clear diagnosis – some even believed it was cancer.

He lost 30kg in less than a year; he was losing hair and his fingernails were falling out; he was tired all the time; losing interest in everyday activities that easily fatigued him; and even if it seemed he was eating enough, he was suffering from malnutrition. A decade ago, Leon developed severe digestive issues including IBS. What could we do if even the doctors couldn’t tell us?

Her health issues started early in life –would this continue to define the quality of her life?

From Glandular Fever to Adrenal Fatigue, Cat had seen quite her share of what it meant to be ‘sick’. But being the driven individual she is, at the time her workaholic tendencies, social commitments and gym obsession inevitably made things worse. But she believed she was doing all the ‘right’ things.

Do either of us sound like you or someone you know?

Welcome to the Feel Good Store. It’s a philosophy we hold close to our hearts. We want you to feel good - the way we were able to feel good when we took matters into our own hands. You’ve seen a glimpse of our story. Our story could be your story (albeit with a few different details here and there) but one thing is for sure – our health and the health of our loved ones is the singular most important value we have. We learnt this first hand through our own health journeys.

We live in a fast paced world yet we forget to slow down and really look at ourselves, our health and what we are doing about it.

When you see the one you love in pain, you want do something about it - so that’s what we did! Together we researched as much as we could about self-healing and all sorts of natural therapies and rehabilitation that could help us take control of our health and wellbeing. We found with the help of innovative health technology and products, getting to where we need to be was simple, fun and life-changing. Let us share with you how.

Leon’s 180°

It started with a book on mono dieting and juicing as a means of detoxing and self-diagnosing your digestive issues. After many months of clean eating, raw foods and drinking hundreds of juices, he discovered the culprit causing the “stuff” that was happening to him through eliminating and then re-introducing certain foods to find the triggers to his illness – he was severely gluten intolerant. After getting rid of any foods containing gluten in his diet, his hair and nails grew back, his energy levels picked up and he felt amazing! Leon has gone on to study natural therapies and is a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Remedial Therapist. He has also self-experimented with most known “health” diets and protocols for more than a decade, and has travelled to the United States and Europe to gain more knowledge from the world’s experts and leading laboratories.  It’s a long and ever-continuing journey in his quest to great health and feeling good – but his first step made all the difference. He has now healed his gut greatly, rehabilitated severe back injuries and even gone on to win world championship gold medals in ITF TaeKwon-Do and loves helping others on their journey.

Cat’s luck didn’t seem like it was changing…

After being diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue, matters got worse when she strained her right trapezius muscle while at work lifting some heavy boxes (being her determined self, she wasn’t thinking of the workplace health and safety protocols). The doctor told her she will never be able to lift anything above her head again and was followed with a prescription of pain killers, which she would apparently end up being on for the rest of her life. It took her about two seconds to say to herself, “No, that was NOT going to happen!” With the help of alternative health research, no more than two years later she not only didn’t have to take any pain medication, but she was back in the gym lifting 50kg+ barbells over her head – awesome! Cat is on track to soon becoming a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Natural Fertility Educator. 

From research, to practice, to sharing it with everyone!

Our journeys led us to many discoveries in health and wellness and we found some amazing technology that could work with the modern world we live in to enhance our homes and bodies.

We started importing some amazing appliances and products from all over the world and used ourselves as guinea pigs. From improving the water in our homes with the latest in water filtration and alkalizing solutions; to showering in pure filtered water; breathing fresh ionized air; eliminating mould with dehumidifiers; combating dry air with humidifiers; making amazingly delicious cold pressed juices; and creating our own naturally dried foods with our dehydratorsour health has never been better!

The philosophy was born.

Family and friends loved to visit and see all the new gadgets we were using and we started importing it for them as well. As word spread about all the benefits our close ones experienced, we began receiving more and more requests to sell the same products we used in our homes.

And so, in 2008, we had this amazing idea to help as many people as we could to feel good – inside and out!